2020 events

Nature Play Week 2020 ran from March 25 – April 5 in a different format

Nature Play Week was developed collaboratively by individuals and organisations involved in the Kids in Nature Network and encourages parents and kids (and people of all ages) to take a break from screens and spend time playing outside in nature. Nature Play Week is part of Premier’s Active April campaign.

Nature Play Week 2020 was built on the success of its previous years, with many organisations planning to host events for a seventh year running. As this time frame coincided with lock-down measures for the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately we had fewer submissions of events overall and all the face to face planned events were cancelled eventually.

However, recognising that being out in nature is good for our physical and mental health and that of children, KINN decided to not cancel Nature Play Week 2020, but to conduct a social media campaign focussing entirely on sharing inspiring, simple ideas for local nature play.

This year, instead of the Nature Play Week website forming the central communication platform for the event calendar of events (www.natureplayweek.org.au), the week was run entirely through the Kids In Nature Network social media platforms, conducting a campaign during the week, using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter as the central social media

2020 Nature Play Launch

Evidently, due to the circumstances, KINN decided to cancelthe Nature Play  Week 2020 Launch Event, which was planned for Saturday March 28 in collaboration with Hume City Council. The reason we had chosen Hume City Council was due to one of the outcomes of our The State Of Nature Play Report, which showed how geographically the majority of nature play
initiatives are based on the east side of Melbourne and highlighted the gap in the more western suburbs.

KINN aimed to reach out to the culturally and linguistically diverse groups
living in Hume that do not have as many facilitated nature play initiatives in their area. We had been able to secure a tv celebrity for the launch and a great venue with lots of fun nature play activities, and as March 28 was a beautiful day weather wise, it would have attracted a lot of people.

Please have a read here of the full Nature Play Week evaluation report.